Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"Mainly Spirit" By Muraay Djeripi

This piece of artwork was done by Muraay Djeripi, and it's called "Mainly Spirit." To create this artwork he used acrylic on linen. This painting is 610 by 900 and is worth $1,200. I chose this piece because it seemed interesting to see how spirit can be portrayed in a painting and I though it was very interesting to see and find out the history of what Muraay believed about spirits. Muraay believes that "the physical world is simply a shadow covering our spirit." This painting has kangaroos in both black and in white, the white pertaining to the spirits. I like how this artists didn't leave the background plane, Muraay added colors that even seem to fade into another color. For example, he used red that faded to an orange, to a yellow and then reached a grey color as well. The choice of using color to the background was a good choice because it actually pulls out the kangaroos.

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