Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Bullfight: Death of the Toreador" By Pablo Picasso

This piece of artwork was done by Pablo Picasso in 1933. This painting is called the "Bullfight: Death of the Toreador." The colors within this painting depicts many details towards this bullfight. I chose this piece because i though it was an interesting use of color techniques. I also like that this painting was painted from a close view rather than a far away view as the audience in the crowd have. Having a closer view of the fight show more complex details. It helps show the direct hits and reactions of the fighters. Picasso uses a heavy sense of brush strokes in this painting to show the moment of the bullfighters death. The use of the grey tone on the horse leads us into barely even see that the horse is dying. This piece is very detailed and informing onto the viewers to see what exactly happened.

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