Saturday, September 24, 2011

"The Sistine Madonna" by Raphael

The piece of work that I chose is called "The Sistine Madonna." This artwork was done by Raphael in 1512-14. He painted this oil on canvas on a paper measurement of 270 by 201 cm long. The Sistine Madonna is held in the Germaldegalerie Alte Meister in Dresden, Germany. In this piece, Raphael was portrayed as Madonna. The two "winged genii", located at the bottom of this piece portray the funeral ceremony. There is imaginary space throughout this piece and the Virgin appears to be in "heavenly space." The curtain within this piece gives the illusion that Madonna is either hiding the image of her figure to the viewers, or she can be protecting Raphael's painting. I chose this piece because it seemed to be and interest of mine to see how some artists can put out a point towards being a virgin, perhaps without even having to say a word. I also chose this picture because it seemed to have a meaningful background to it. I have not even heard, nor saw of this painting until I learned about it today, so it was in interest of mine to find out the meaning put behind this piece.

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