Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Picasso: "Weeping Woman"

This is a 608 by 500 mm oil on canvas painting, done by Picasso in 1937. This painting is called "Weeping Woman." I chose to do this painting because this painting is known as an abstract painting, and this is our next assignment in class. I thought it would be more interesting to see a famous painted abstract painting rather than looking at one from an unknown artist. Picasso is well know for these types of paintings. At first you look at such a painting like this and you wonder how it was even approved to be known as art since you can barely know what it is and many wouldn't agree that this painting is so called "pretty" compared to others. But Picasso was original within his artwork in which is a great technique in the art industry. I think Picasso is a very good artist and i think this abstract painting well describes the point of knowing that art can be art to some that may not seem like art to others. Abstract paintings are interesting in a sense that behind that painting you can see the personality of the artist in what they include into their artwork.

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