Thursday, November 3, 2011

I heart Henna

Henna/Mendhi is a practice that has been cultivated over the past 500 years in various cultures. Although those isn't something that would "technically" be considered art, I do because anything can be art (technically). There is evidence that says that Henna/mendhi was actually used in ancient Egypt for pharaohs prior to mummification to stain fingers and toes.
Many associate henna with traditional Indian weddings but many have used and believe henna for its healing properties (headaches, liver, disorders, and skin diseases). The patterns differ from culture to culture.Arabic designs are more floral, while Indian designs are more delicate and use lines to create patters. Africans and Native/South American Indians use henna to create geometric shapes, or designs found in India. Today henna is used a n an alternative to painful tattoos, or as a means to express individuality. I just love it because its very captivating to the eye and is truly an art to be admired.

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