Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lilly Pod Claude Monet

This painting was done by a famous painter known as Claude Monet. This painting shows that it was done with someone who has a lot of artistic ability because Monet created this painting in a sense where it looks realistic. I chose this picture because i thought it was an interesting set point that Monet decided to paint. In his painting her also worked towards getting the different values within the piece as well instead of having the whole painting set on one value. I also like the use of color within his piece. He uses a sense of light and dark into all his colors to show the area in which the light is reflecting off from. I like how he portrayed the water as well because he also painted in some of the flowers into his piece as if they fell into the water off of the trees. Claude Monet's piece is a successful piece and can sure catch many elements of art compared to other paintings.

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