Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jackson Pollock

This is a painting done by Jackson Pollock titled No. 9, 1949. I chose to blog this painting because our topic this week is Abstract art. I find this painting interesting because of the technique he used to create it. Rather than use standard painting methods, he would apply the paint to the canvas by dripping the paint onto his paper. He also used a stream of consciousness technique to create his paintings, which I found interesting because this actually came up in one of my psychology classes. Another cool thing about his paintings is his perspective on painting and where he placed his canvas. When creating the painting, the canvas would be placed on the the ground. The purpose of this according to Pollock was that gave him alot of perspective on the painting because he could walk around and view it from all four sides. Pollock also stated that this allowed him to "literally be in the painting". I find his approach and views on painting to be really interesting because its very out of the box and different but still produces cool works in my opinion.

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