Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"Dogs Playing Poker" by Cassius Coolidge

This Painting was done by Cassius Coolidge. The name of his piece is "Dogs Playing Poker." I chose this piece of art to blog about because i thought it was quite interesting to see a bunch of dogs sitting down at the table playing a game of poker. In general dogs do not sit at a table at all nor do they play a game of poker, but the way that this artists painted this piece made it very interesting for viewers to pass up even though it may seem to be unrealistic. I like how this artist use a lot of color within his piece. He could have used the same colors for each dog, but instead he used different shades and colors to show the viewers that there are different "dogs" playing. Coolidge's painting is a very successful painting in which I personally would think about buying. The color and shading is the first things that tend to catch people's eyes and the more it catches someone's eyes is the way his piece gets sold. Coolidge's piece gives out the mood of happy and excitement, which would also make people want it in their house. All in all i think this piece is one of his best painting done yet.

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