Thursday, December 1, 2011

little girls

I chose this picture of a pencil drawing because it was simple. it was very realisic, and cute. there is a lot of detail even in the face. some place have shadying. i really like this pic of the child.

Dora Maar au Chat

This is Pablo Picasso's painting Dora Maar au Chat created in 1941. It is an example of an abstract painting, which is our next drawing in class. It is a painting of his Croatian mistress, seated on a chair with a small cat perched on her shoulders. It is one of the worlds most expensive paintings and is world famous. This is a good example of abstract art.

Blue Boy

This is a drawing called Blue Boy its an abstract piece done on a 11 by 14 piece of paper. This drawing was done with markers watercolors and paint pens on paper. It is done by and unknown artists. This is similar to what we are doing in class and I found it interesting. Although it is an abstract drawing with flowing lines there still is a picture inside which i found to be excellent. Also there was a video on how this drawing was made which i also found to be cool.

one point perspective

I found this drawing on google. I am still currently working on my one point perspective drawing so I wanted to find one online as well. I like this drawing because if you look at it for a while it looks as if the black and white checkers are moving. The contrast between the two makes the picture look like its moving.

The Awakening

The Awakening is an abstract painting by Steve Kreuscher. This is a very wonderful abstract painting. I like this paing because there is a lot going on in this painting. At first it looks like a good scene, but it gets more complex than that. There is also a face in the painting, and then there looks like there is a man hanging.

Allegory of the Planets and Continents

This is an example of Italian Rococo art. It is a painting by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo (1696-1770), and is found in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The medium is oil on canvas.

I was curious to look into Italian Rococo art on Wikipedia, since Rococo style and era in art seems most typical of France. I like this painting since it seems to use themes of mythology to describe the planets and the continents of Earth, and since it depicts an early understanding of our world and our solar system.


This is a abstract painting made by Chidi Okoye, a modern artist using mixed media on masonite. I chose this painting because this is our final project and I like how the artist put a bunch of shapes together and made art. Its not a conventional way of doing art but it is fun to look at and looks cool.

This piece is called Woman with Dead Child by Kathe Kollwitz, who was a German painter. It was done in 1903, and the medium is etching. She is very well known for depicting horrors of war and poverty, and knowing that she was an anti-war protestor because she lost her son, it makes me wonder if this etching was reflecting her own emotions at the time since I thought the image was overwhelmingly powerful.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This is a painting that many of you should know. The element of color is being used here. It was painted in 1969. Can you name this artist?

"On White 2" by Wassily Kardinsky 1923

Wassily Kardinsky was born Dec 16 1866, he is credited with painting the first purely-abstract works. The painting "On White 2" was painting while Kardinsky was teaching at Bauhaus during 1922-1933

Michael McNicholas
This is Jackson Pollock's Untitled 1951 black and sepia ink on mulberry paper. He was an abstract expressionists, and this image reflects the concept of all overness. He used many gestures, lines, erasures, smudges and so on to create an image. This style of drawing is non representational rather it reflects the artists feeling about a subject.